Partnership Editions group exhibition 'Modern Miniaturists' 15/11/18-01/02/19, at Benk + Bo




Modernist Miniaturists celebrates the beauty and intrigue of the small format in contemporary art. Miniatures are an age-old way of working, stemming from the medieval times – often designed to be held in the hand as a talisman, as a religious aid to prayer or as a collector’s item, mostly created for the domestic sphere rather than for the public realm.

Here, the artists use the miniature format to make reference to the past, but update it with contemporary social commentary or witticisms. For example, Fee Greening uses the medieval method of dip-pen and ink and uses and iconographic motifs commonly found in traditional miniatures such as hands, eyes and halos around her figures, but gives her work a modern twist - her icons are celebrities (here they are women from art history: Yayoi Kusama, Peggy Guggenheim and Barbara Hepworth).

As well as being affordable and covetable to the collector, the miniature often has a practical element for the artist. For example, Isabella Cotier’s art is in miniature scale due to the fact that she sketches from life in her Moleskine notebook –   capturing the passing moment and snapshots of everyday life (her new series for the exhibition is of people she’s sketched at Columbia Road Flower Market).

Miniatures have an often-underestimated power to captivate. Despite their small size, they are often dense in their richness and encourage the viewer to look a little closer and engage more intimately with a piece of art – rather than pass it by from a distance. In a generation where we are bombarded with over-sized visual signs and signals, miniatures are a treasured reminder that size is not everything.

All artworks are available to view at Benk and Bo from 15 November - 1st February 2019. An array of framed artworks as well as unframed pieces by each artist are available.

The exhibition is in partnership with Frame Factory Ltd, who have produced all of the frames.

Prints now available online at Liberty London

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The Partnership Editions collaboration with Liberty London has now gone online as well as instore, with limited edition works available on Liberty’s website. Alongside fellow PE artists, Juliana Byrne and Fee Greening, Liberty are now stocking three of my prints, each a limited edition of 25. They are sold framed and signed on the back.

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Watch a short film of Graham Crowley discussing 'A Table of Elements'

In August 2017, Graham Crowley (painter, writer, former Head of Painting at the RCA, and raconteur) curated an exhibition of contemporary painting as part of his A Table of Elements series. Set in his beautiful studio in Wickham Market, he gives a walking tour to camera of each work including one of my headless nudes from The Portrait of a Lady series. You can view the film here; my painting is discussed at 15mins20sec.

The Ned launches with its permanent art collection, the 'Vault 100'

This week was the launch of the incredible new Ned hotel in the City of London. It is a four year and £200million immaculate restoration project of the old Midland Bank, put together by the people at Soho House. As part of this, curator Kate Bryan was tasked with sourcing their permanent art collection, including one of my headless nudes from The Portrait of a Lady series - pictured above, and in excellent company alongside Jenny Holzer and Cornelia Parker.

To quote Kate: "The core of The Ned's art collection is The Vault 100: 93 women and 7 men which inverses the FTSE 100 CEO gender ratio. (Which I think has now worsened in favour of female CEO representation since I began curating this collection.) I am not a fan of all women exhibitions for the sake of it but this is a permanent collection in the heart of the city of london. The Ned has effectively put its money where its mouth is... women are under represented in every aspect of the art world and from today there is one small but loud collection in the center of London's financial district which purposefully subverts the masculine dominance of the area and calls attention to the disparity we all want to rectify. The names here include the 7 men who collaborate with women artists in their practice and so gained a spot in the Vault 100. The list also names a handful of other deserving artists who have a work in other areas of the building. And what a building. Thanks Sir Edwin 'Ned' Lutyens!"

You can watch Conde Nast Traveller's Nick Jones on his video tour of the Vault Bar here.

'Mothership' Exhibition, London & Somerset, Dec 2016-Feb 2017

A selection of my headless nudes from my Portrait of a Lady series were recently included in a group show that explored the idea of artists who are also mothers. Curated by EA Byrne and Caro Halford, the exhibition was titled 'Mothership' and opened in the Sawmills building in South London and then moved to the brilliant Bruton Art Factory in Somerset.

Friend and photographer Jamie Lau took some install shots from the London leg of the exhibition, and writers AJ Dehany and Alix Mortimer put together an excellent piece about the exhibition that was published in Life as a Human.

Jessica Carlisle to show at London Art Fair 2016

Jessica Carlisle will be taking part in the 28th edition of the London Art Fair, the UK’s leading Modern British and contemporary art fair. She will be showing a selection of work from her stable of artists, including paintings by Hester Finch.

The fair runs from 20th to 24th January 2016 at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

If you would like a complimentary pass as a guest of Jessica's, please email the gallery with your address and they will post one to you. 

Solo exhibition announced at David Krut's New York Project Space, in collaboration with Jessica Carlisle


Hester Finch

The Portrait of a Lady

May 12 – June 13, 2015

Evening Reception: May 14, 6-8pm

David Krut Projects and Jessica Carlisle are delighted to present The Portrait of a Lady, an exhibition by British artist Hester Finch.

The exhibition sees a continuation of the artist’s central themes - identity, personal freedom, and societal restraints on our actions and thoughts - but here from the female perspective. The works comprise a series of paintings of highly colored nudes. They sit, lie and stand in informal poses - only the head of each has been removed.

Despite the apparently violent act of decapitation, we don’t immediately recognize the nudes as headless. The insouciance of the models' poses jar with the shock of the headless body, and the flat planes of color mislead the eye.

The figures sit in what appear to be domestic settings, a physical space that amplifies the psychological, and blur the line between sanctuary and prison. The mundane is set against the macabre and the result is a pervasive sense of fear and unease. Drawing on her own personal anxieties, as well as from 24 hour news reporting of atrocities abroad and violations of women's online privacy, the artist brings together both the interior and exterior worlds in these forceful and arresting images.

Hester Finch (b.1981) was born in the UK and lives and works in London. She studied at the Ruskin School of Art at Oxford University and has exhibited widely in the UK, including at the Lion & Lamb Gallery (2014), Cob Gallery (2014), Rove Gallery (2012), VEGAS Gallery. This is her first exhibition in the US.

This exhibition is the final in a series of collaborative shows of British artists presented by David Krut Projects, NY, and Jessica Carlisle, a freelance curator and gallerist based in London, UK.

For more information please contact or

Summer Saloon to travel to Aldeburgh

The Lion and Lamb's Summer Saloon 2014 exhibition is to travel to Aldeburgh in Suffolk for one weekend with an opening reception on Sunday 21st September from 11am-4pm. The exhibition will be shown in Caroline Wiseman's extraordinary Aldeburgh Beach South Lookout.